Chronic Pain: The Roommate We Would Rather Not Have

Mindfulness can help you unpack your personal chronic pain story so you can live with more ease and joy in the midst of the pain.

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You are in pain. You have been in pain for a while. There might be a good reason for your pain—or there might not be. You have done everything you can about it. And it’s still here. If your pain were a friend, you would have deleted their email address and phone number by now. If it were a marriage, you’d be filing for divorce. If it were a roommate, you would have moved out. But with pain you can’t. You can rage against it, you can declare war on it, you can pity yourself. But the pain is still here.

Mindfulness can help you learn a different way to relate to the pain, while still doing your best to heal it.

You are not your pain

Marcus came to my mindfulness class because of chronic pain after a car accident. Rehabilitation, physical therapy, and acupuncture had helped him to lower the amount of pain medication he was on but he was still far from pain-free. His doctor had sent him to the mindfulness class and he was skeptical, but at this point, a year after the accident, he was willing to give it…