Mindfulness for Pain Practice: Reflecting on Core Values

A practice for asking yourself: What is most important to me and are there any ways that I'm not living in accord with my deepest core values?

  Mindfulness for Pain Practice: Reflecting on Core Values 10:13

Begin by paying attention to your body, and what sort of posture or stance you might take that would provide some ease and comfort to you while you engage in this short reflection on core values and self-compassion in your life. Letting go of needing to do this in any particular way. Seeing if you can find a place for your body that facilitates some ease and comfort. Whether it is sitting, lying down or standing. You might consider placing a hand over your heart, or in some other soothing or supporting place on the body, to remind you of your own kindness and your good intentions in this practice. 

Taking a few slow and deep breaths that allow your mind and body to settle in and perhaps to relax a little. And then letting your breath settle into a natural pattern of breathing that is effortless and rhythmic. 

Imagine that you are in your elder years. You’re sitting in a beautiful garden as you contemplate your life. Looking back to the time between now and then. You feel a deep sense of satisfaction, joy and contentment. Even though life…